Rock Bottom Rise

Inspired by a true story...


After two years of boarding school, Aaron Lane returns home to his estranged father, controlling stepmother, and spoiled half-brother. All his old friends are on their way to college, and without guidance or motivation, Aaron struggles to find his path and keep his cool around his stepmom. Kicked out with no place to go, he lives out of his car and works nonstop while enrolled full-time at the community college. 


Every attempt at success meets failure, his relationships are half-lived, and homelessness takes him into the pits of despair. At rock bottom, he is completely alone, and the only person still alive he could ever count on, the girlfriend he burned in eleventh grade, is about to move on for good. Determined to win her back, Aaron risks everything for the slim chance of redemption and a future he can be proud of.

Musician in the Desert